We Create Content

Here at Uproar we offer a range of multimedia services to suit all your creative needs.

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Services include: Marketing/Promotional Comics, Educational Comics, Storyboards, Audiovisual Production, 3D Development, Web Development, Workshop Facilitation to name a few.

We Do Workshops

With our tailor made workshop programming, we have something for everyone.

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We are actively involved with regional schools and community groups to deliver a diverse range of workshops for all age groups.

We Make Comics

From print media to interactive apps, we like telling stories across all platforms.

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Best known for our award winning title 'Zombies Hi'. Now available in physical, digital and interactive formats, soon to be joined by our new sci-fi series 'Leap'

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Tips For Your Trip To Space

| Films, Marketing, Opinions, SciFi | No Comments
To Infinity... AND BEYOND! “I didn’t feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.” - Neil Armstrong on looking back at the Earth from the Moon in July 1969...
BioWare Corp

BioWare: Rise and Fall of a Giant Part 2

| Films, Gaming, Opinions, SciFi, Star Wars, Technology | No Comments
Part 2: The Fall We’ve covered BioWare’s meteoric rise to stardom, which earned them a rank in Profit 100’s list of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies 2005. But it’s perhaps fair...

BioWare: Rise and Fall of a Giant

| Films, Gaming, Opinions, SciFi, Star Wars, Superheroes, Technology | No Comments
Part 1: The Rise BioWare has been, for a long time, a pioneer in games, setting long-lasting trends in their chosen genre of the role-playing game. For me personally, they...

Conundrum: Thoughts from the artist

| Comics, Conundrum, News, Superheroes, Uproar Comics | No Comments
The Release Of Issue 1 It’s been a pretty good month for me here at Uproar HQ – After working here for over a year doing art on various projects,...