11 Days of The Doctor Pt. 11

Matt Smith


Seriously guys I’m about to hyperventilate. It’s The Day of The Doctor!!!


Okay…I’m calm (for now).

On this The Day of The Doctor we are looking at the latest incarnation of The Doctor, the eleventh. Played by Matt Smith we’ve been watching the antics of the Eleventh Doctor since 2010.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

In ‘The Eleventh Hour’ we see him crash the TARDIS into the garden of a little girl called Amelia Pond. He’s still in the clothes of the tenth Doctor so Amelia eventually refers to him as ‘The Raggedy Doctor’. She tell hims about the crack in her bedroom wall which appears to be a crack in time and space, briefly opening it to discover an Atraxi prison. As it is announced by the prison guard that prisoner zero has escaped, the TARDIS bell rings and The Doctor is called away. He tells little Amelia that he will be back soon.

The Doctor eventually returns and is unaware that 12 years has passed on Earth. As he is looking for little Amelia, big Amelia, now known as Amy, knocks him over the head and cuffs him to a radiator. The Doctor convinces Amy that he is real and not a figment of her imagination and they flee the house, escaping from Prisoner Zero. The Atrax arrive in orbit, alerted by the Doctor’s arrival, and issue an ultimatum: if Prisoner Zero is not found, then they will destroy Earth. Meeting Amy’s boyfriend Rory, the Doctor realises that Prisoner Zero, a multiform that can take the form of any unconscious being it has touched, is borrowing the forms of a nearby hospital’s coma patients. The Doctor finds a way to stop the Atraxi and Prisoner Zero, not before Prisoner Zero says to The Doctor:

The universe is cracked, the Pandorica will open, silence will fall.

This theme of Silence has then run throughout the majority of the eleventh Doctor’s existance. The Doctor then leaves again and returns two years later to find Amy a little peeved at him but still willing to go travelling with him.

The Power of 3

The Power of 3

The Doctor and Amy, along with her fiancee Rory had many adventures together and encountered many different enemies. The Weeping Angels, which first appeared in the episode ‘Blink’, were the scariest in my opinion and The Silence were also pretty damn creepy! Rory proves his love for Amy time and time again even though at one point he believes that she is in love with The Doctor. We find out the mystery behind River Song, who turns out to be the child of Amy and Rory. Amy and Rory make their final appearance in the episode ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’. Rory is touched by one of the Angels and sent back in time and Amy, who can’t imagine her life without Rory, sacrifices herself and willingly travels back in time to be with him. The live out the rest of their days in the past.

After the disappearance of Amy and Rory, The Doctor becomes quite the recluse until he meets Oswin in 19th Century England. She asks that all important question “Doctor Who?” and The Doctor’s adventures start all over again. He discovers that Oswin appears to exist in every time frame and he sets about trying to find her. He finally finds Clara Oswald and realizes that she is the Oswin he met in 19th Century England. At this point Clara has died in his care twice but she doesn’t know that and goes along with The Doctor on his adventures. She quickly becomes known as ‘The Impossible Girl’. In ‘The Name of The Doctor’ Clara sacrifices herself to save The Doctor and this is how she manages to appear in many different time streams. During this episode Clara finds out the name of The Doctor but subsequently forgets that she learned this secret. I believe that this will be an important factor in The Day of The Doctor, which as mentioned….is TONIGHT!!

Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor is set to regenerate during this years Christmas episode and we know that if it’s going to be anything like David Tennant’s exit, then get yourself some tissues because it’s going to be a tear jerker!!

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