11 Days of The Doctor Pt. 4

Tom Baker as The Fourth Doctor

It’s only 8 Days to go!

If you can’t tell already, we here at Uproar HQ are a bit obsessed with Doctor Who and we’re really excited about The Day of The Doctor. After watching the mini-episode yesterday, The Night of The Doctor, we’re now about 10 times as excited as we were yesterday. The Night of The Doctor revealed so much for us and provided us with the origins of John Hurt’s mysterious War Doctor. In today’s installement of 11 Days of The Doctor we’re looking at the fourth incarnation of The Doctor, as played by the brilliant Tom Baker.

Tom Baker

Tom Baker

Tom Baker

Tom Baker is probably one of the most famous incarnations of The Doctor and many people of a certain generation identify them as their Doctor. He played the Doctor from 1974-1981 which was a substanially long time in comparrison to his predecessors and is why many people have claimed him as their Doctor.

His first appearance as the newly regenerated Doctor was in the episode ‘Robot’. This was the start of the 12th season of Doctor Who and at this point the popularity of the showed no sign of decreasing. In ‘Robot’ the Doctor came up against a robot which had been created by Professor Kettlewell. To defeat the robot The Doctor works with UNIT and uses a metallic virus to defeat the killer robot.

The Doctor : “There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.”

The fourth Doctor comes up time and again against the Daleks and the Cybermen. In season thirteen the Doctor meets a certain Sisterhood that we seen in The Night of The Doctor yesterday. In ‘The Brain of Morbius’ The Doctor and his companion arrive on the planet Karn. One this planet is¬†Mehendri Solon, a fanatical scientist who is using the remnants of spaceship crash victims to put together a new body for the still-living brain of the executed Time Lord criminal Morbius. When The Doctor arrives Solon decides that The Doctors head is the final piece that he needs to complete Morbius. At the end of the episode The Doctor and Morbius go head to head in a mind bending battle. The Sisterhood of Karn push Morbius over a cliff and use their special elixer to heal The Doctor.

The Doctor : [Speaking of the elixir of life.] “The impossible dream of a thousand alchemists, dripping like tea from an urn.”
Tom Baker as The Fourth Doctor

Tom Baker as The Fourth Doctor

Tom Baker is the longest serving Doctor and so was a part of many adventures. As this is only a brief look at the Doctors I will name some of the other brilliant episodes he was in.

  • The Masque of Mandagora
  • The Invasion of Time
  • The Androids of Tara
  • Destiny of the Daleks
  • The Creature from the Pit
  • Warrior’s Gate

Tom Baker’s final appearance as The Doctor is in the episode ‘Logopolis’. On a planet of Mathemeticians The Doctor has to team up with his arch Nemesis The Master in order to save the universe. In helping to save the universe The Master then turns on the Doctor and also threatens to use their plan to destroy the universe. The Doctor then stops The Master but in doing so is gravely injured and forced to regenerate. The fifth Doctor, Peter Davidson, then emerges!


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