We Create Content

Here at Uproar we offer a range of multimedia services to suit all your creative needs.

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Services include: Marketing/Promotional Comics, Educational Comics, Storyboards, Audiovisual Production, 3D Development, Web Development, Workshop Facilitation to name a few.

We Do Workshops

With our tailor made workshop programming, we have something for everyone.

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We are actively involved with regional schools and community groups to deliver a diverse range of workshops for all age groups.

We Make Comics

From print media to interactive apps, we like telling stories across all platforms.

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Best known for our award winning title 'Zombies Hi'. Now available in physical, digital and interactive formats, soon to be joined by our new sci-fi series 'Leap'

About Us

Uproar Comics are a multimedia production company based in Northern Ireland. With a focus on production, publishing and services, the company has expanded rapidly from its humble origins – Started in the summer of 2011 by a group of passionate hobbyists, the company produced its debut release – the Award winning ‘Zombies Hi’. With climbing sales and critical success, the series continued, and the Uproar team began hosting workshops to share all they had learned along the way.

Officially established in October of 2011, the company would continue to grow and evolve to cater to new markets. We believe in the power of stories, the power of words and the power of pictures. We have a ravenous appetite for all forms of storytelling and we employ the very best home grown talent that Northern Ireland has to offer. Whether it’s creating comics, brochures, apps, video games or workshops, our team have the skill to meet any needs. We are constantly expanding and adapting to leap headfirst into whatever opportunities the creative landscape throws at us.

In the 3 years since its birth, Uproar Comics have worked with a number of prestigious clients including the BBC, NI Screen, The Western Trust, Culture Company, Public Health Agency and the European Business Network. We believe in forming relationships with our clients. We believe in giving them what they ask for. We believe in giving them more. We deliver only the highest quality of work at competitive rates, characterised by our own unique, irreverent and fearless view of the world around us.

We are Uproar. We Make Comics!