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Stepping down to step it up!!

For the last year, Gio (Kevin Logue) has been the artist on our ongoing flagship publication “Zombies HI”….well the time has come to let someone else take the reins.

Yip that’s right Issue six of ‘Zombies hi’ will be introducing our new artist!

2D was the setting for the scouting action to happen. It was the Allstar Workshop with the likes of John Higgins (Colourist-Watchmen) where we noticed the great pencil work, and with the help of the twitter, we kept in contact! He was actually chosen then to take part in a submission for the Publication. He sent us his first page of the submission… ‘Yip- we found our guy’.

With Gio hmmin’ and haahin’, we eventually agreed for the purposes of the brand, which rests on the Artist of the flagship. Gio loves his work, and knows he can bring ‘Zombies hi’ to the next level and we all believe he is best suited to the existing style, but will definitely bring a whole new style and dynamic to the comic.

With Gio freed up now – he will be focusing on the already expanding business….

As we said… Announcement 1 of 7….

but let’s get on….


So May We Introduce Now the New Artist On Uproars’ ‘Zombies Hi’—


We asked him to do a little bio on himself to introduce himself to the fans of the comic-

But first you should know – he left Ninja Academy to become a comic book illustrator but still fights crime in between deadlines.

Now from him….


I’ve been into comic books all my life, since I was little all I wanted to do was read and draw comic books.  I remember when I was a kid my mum gave me this large serving tray we had in the kitchen to use for drawing, it was always overflowing with blank paper (my Granda worked as a compositor in a printing press and he always kept me stocked up with materials.  He was a legend!), and I’d sit on our couch with it on my knee either copying my favourite comics or making up own pretty basic comics – they generally involved about six pages of Wolverine knocking the tar out of Sabertooth… pretty uninspiring stuff!

As I grew up I starting paying much more attention to the art in my favourite books: first it was Adam Kuberts work on the X-Titles, John Romita Jr’s Spider-Man, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn and then Roger Cruz and Greg Capulla, over the past few years I’ve been blown away by Mark Brooks, Mark Bagley and Humberto Ramos’ work for Marvel, Greg Capullo was amazing on Spawn and even better now on Batman.  I’ve spent my life looking at these guys and how they conveyed information visually to the viewer.  They taught me more about drawing than I ever learned during my schooling.  Art and Design, as a subject, wasn’t very well supported when I was in school and both my education and my aspirations suffered for that.  Even though I’d long since relegated my passion of being a comic book artist to a hobby (if art wasn’t supported, comic book art was practically laughed at where I came from), I’d always wanted to go to art college but I became so jaded through my experiences in high school that I completely gave up on my dream of studying art and doing something creative with my life.

The years since going to university (I studied psychology – what a waste of time!) I’ve still dabbled in comic book illustration and flirted with the idea of sending submissions into publishers but I thought I was unqualified, even though it’s one of the very few industries that you don’t need a qualification to get in to.  But I knew my work wouldn’t be up to the standard of my heroes, so I started looking at it seriously: I bought a bunch of books on comic book illustration and anatomy, I started revisiting those artists I mentioned and looking at how they tackled the challenge of visual storytelling.  It really informed my visual style and taught me a lot of discipline as well!

My visual style

With my visual style, I try to create a world that’s cool and dynamic but recognisable.  I might draw people in a bit of a stylised way, but I want them to look like real people with all the detail you’d expect to see in a person walking down the street (right down to the clothing) and I want the street they walk down to be an actual street you’ve seen.  I try to make the experience as authentic as possible, to bring you into this world that I see which is just a little more fun to look at than the real world.  This is what I think those artists that I admired growing up did so well and why I liked their work more than anyone else’s.  But one artists I haven’t mentioned, that did this better than anyone else I’ve ever seen, and would rank as my main influence, is Katushiro Otomo, the revolutionary behind Akira: the detail of his hundreds of cityscapes throughout that book were mind-blowing – all proportionate, so meticulously illustrated – and yet he could introduce these Manga style characters (the most stylised art form on the planet!) and they looked totally at home in his world!  I still don’t know how he did it so well but he’s awesome and I strive to achieve what he did every time I put pencil to paper.  I just hope the readers of Zombies Hi like it!


Zombies Hi

For Zombies Hi, I really have a tough act to follow with Gio: the atmosphere of his work is something that’s definitely lacking in mine.  I’m not used to drawing so dark – there’s not a lot of shadow in much of what I’ve done before… but like I told you before, I love a challenge so I’m throwing myself at it.  I’ve got all the previous issues of Zombies Hi as a reference so my characters are going to be very faithful to what people are used to, I’m going to be studying Gio’s work as closely as I’ve studied Roger Cruz so I can nail that dark tone… I’m also checking out some darker artists like Greg Capullo on Batman to see, what’s the best way to play with shadow and contrast.

I’m eager to honour what’s gone before in those dark, scary scenes but bring my own skills to those badass Zombie-slaughtering action sequences!

From what I’ve seen of the brief so far I’m going to get plenty of opportunity to do both and I cannot wait!  I just hope I do you guys proud and entertain the socks off your readers!


Well, we’ve seen the rough work for the first three pages of the next issue!




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