Avengers 2 – Age of Ultron Review


Avengers Triple Bill

Brunswick Cinebowl’s  Triple Bill, feat Avengers 1 & 2, and Captain America – Winter Soldier

A triple bill of “Avengers”, which consisted of over 10 hours of sitting in a dark room feeding of the excitement and energy of an army of geeks and nerds… which weirdly felt like home.

The first Avengers movie hyped up the anticipation for the premiering of Age of Ultron at midnight. It was nice to be back in the cinema again watching it on the big screen after many a viewing at home since. Then it was on to the sequel(ish) of Captain America 2:Winter Soldier which is a great movie although colder than Avengers 1. After that I couldn’t wait to feel more of the warmth of Avengers 2.

Lights out. Action.

**Minor Spoilers Ahead!

The film starts off with a bang, just like the current stream of the marvel films – they don’t wait around so hold on to your hats.

We get some fun action and the obligatory comedy which just polishes off the marvel universe nicely and an introduction to some eagerly awaited characters to the world.

The movie slows down, a bit, but keeps it plotting along quite fast and we see the fun “Whoever is worthy to lift of the Hammer of Thor” scene, until oh ok, there’s Ultron and he’s gonna be the bad guy intro – which the trailer did so well – “There aren’t no strings on me!”.

The film didn’t seem to deliver this introduction as well – but onwards and the fast paced plotting sped on to some cool action scenes such as the awesome fight scene we saw with Ironman’s Hulkbuster (which we have all imagined since we all saw the first Ironman movie), and it delivered what it says on the tin. Epic fight scene indeed and pretty cool arrival of “Veronica” (If you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean).

The movie takes the dark spin that every good second act and sequel does in spades (think Empire Strikes Back- the bad guys actually kind of get a one up)- the Avengers are beaten, but not just as a team as individuals as they dwell on all their own fears and seem all very broken so they retreat which is what we needed to see, they can go around winning all the time otherwise that would be boring.

The bad guys must be big and bad enough for us to care about our Avengers- but I must admit that although this is all part of Ulton’s plan from the get go- it doesn’t seem to be him we should be afraid of. In their darkest hour we do see the Captain America and Ironman at odds which was, in my opinion the building towards the “Civil War” storyline, but again that seem to peter away as they all begin to come “together” under the boss of Captain America as they should.

So much more happens after this but I won’t continue and spoil anything. I will say the action does ramp up, and pretty much everybody you want to see in fistycuffs with Ultron gets their turn in the ring with him which is cool.

The team come together as Earth’s mightiest do in the face of global extinction but with a few more additions to the team. One I will comment on- The Vision- he was one of the first characters I fell in love with when growing up. He, well… he blew my mind.

This is the only reason I was excited on the “uber” scale for this new Avengers movie. Vision was gonna be the most awesome thrilling part of the movie for me, and with the added depth of the controversial issues being explored with the creation of Artificial Intelligence I was expecting something of great substance. But there’s a “but”…

The Vision was a bit…. “blurred” for me. As was the film.

The whole thing was somewhat lacking in the lustre of the predecessor. Action there was tons but it seemed to lack that warmth that made the first film feel like it was all happening naturally and organically. This felt a bit forced, and therefore clunky. But there is another “but”- the one thing that did shine for me was that the movie did set up a lot for each of the following movies for each of the characters, it felt like a gear in the whole machine.

With some epic action scenes, touching moments and hilarious quips along the way I will be certainly watching it again without the hype and anticipation to enjoy it for what it is- Pure popcorn Avengers Fun. Now it is waiting for the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to unfold to see the bigger picture of what is coming.

Definitely a must watch no matter what.

“Excelsiorrrr… Hiccup” (Again, that’s for the peeps who watched it already) 😉

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