Bourne 5 gets release date

By December 3, 2013 Films, Marketing, News, Uproar Comics

Bourne for more

Universal have confirmed this morning that the next installment of the Bourne franchise is to be released in the Summer of 2015. Our list of films to see in 2015 grows ever longer. Jeremy Renner will also have a busy year that year with The Avengers: Age of Ultron also being released.

Jeremy Renner to return as Aaron Cross

Jeremy Renner to return as Aaron Cross

Den of Geek stated:

Universal has confirmed that Bourne 5 is going to be released on August 14th 2015, and that Justin Lin – the man behind lots of Fast & Furious movies – is set to direct.

The rest of the cast is a long way off being confirmed however we know it will be filled with people who are used to action packed. When it comes the summer blockbusters, Bourne 5 has a lot to contend with. The summer season of 2015 will see the release of Batman vs. Superman, Ant-Man, Jurassic World, The Fantastic Four and The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We have no doubt that the film will make money but when compared to some of the films it is coming up against in the Summer of 2015 it could be over looked a little bit. Die hard Bourne fans will definitely go and see it, as will all of Jeremy Renner’s fans however will it be able to entice the regular Joe’s and Jane’s out there? I’m not entirely certain.

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