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By October 27, 2012 Comics, Process, Uproar Comics, Zombies Hi

Doing a cover is always enjoyable and challenging. There is always the initial decision, do you do a standalone strong graphic or do you try and capture the story? Well I guess which ever you decide it is still going to be a strong graphic, but I’m sure you know what I mean. The first four issues of Zombies Hi have generic covers with just Zombies on them, it gets the point across, they are still eye catching but good as they are when it came to issue 5 we felt the story had evolved and so should the covers.

So it seen us try our hand at our first “from within the comic” cover…

.. Issue 6 had some of the best praise for the cover work and well when you have the grand master himself David Campbell working on it you don’t get anything less than awesome….


So when I decided to step up to the plate for this issue I knew I had a tough act to follow! Firstly as with anything we do Danny and myself got a brain jam about what the cover could be and how it could reflect the story without giving away too much. After some deliberation we decided that as this issue is set in the Strand Road police station the front cover needs a few dead cops and some balaclavaed Zombies!

With that idea/concept I went away and done a few rough sketches to show to Danny and Ruairi to get there opinions but before I even sent them the sketches I decided to put  together a scene in Daz studio (A piece of 3d software I have become quite fond of as a reference tool). The best thing about using 3d software for reference is you can move around the camera until you get the angle your looking for (or even better the one you weren’t looking for), and what I had done was better in composition to any of me rough sketches so with a tiny bit of photoshop and a bit of copy and paste below is the first concept I sent the boys…..



The reaction back was mighty so I knew I was on to a winner. With this as my reference I went ahead and done up the pencils for the figures. I really loved working this piece up, there is quite a few references in there that will only be clear after reading the issue but most of all I loved the perspective, it really makes you look “into” the piece.


As the PSNI badge has quite a bit of repetitive detail I knew I’d be better off doing this digitally and having recently developed an urge to use Illustrator more for actual illustration I jumped in……..

With all the line work completed all that was left to do was colour this bad boy up, starting with the flat colours…


..then shades and graphics…….


There you have it the cover for issue 7 and a bit of process behind it. Fun and challenging, and after havng spent two hours on a bus with Danny today we brewed up the next cover, she’s going to be a beaut!!!


Well issue 7 will be released on Halloween Day in Digital format and physical copies a few days later when they return from the printers. If your behind on your reading then check out the Uproar Store here.


Take it easy folks and keep her country!!

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