The Big Video Challenge

We got involved with the Big Video Challenge when the people at CultureTech asked us to facilitate some workshops for them. The Big Video Challenge is a creative educational competition for young people, designed to help them develop creative and digital media skills whilst engaging with the core STEM subjects in new ways. Along with Culture Tech we also worked with STEM Aware to help encourage and inspire the kids. During the workshops we used our skills to teach the kids how to properly script and storyboard their videos.

Uproar’s Vicious Vikings Workshop

Recently we were contacted by a local Primary School here in the city. They wanted to set up an after school club that focused on the theme of the Vikings. We developed a six week pilot course which covered everything from Viking Social life to the notorious Viking raids. The children of St. Eugene’s Primary School were very receptive to the course and loved creating their own Viking stories with Vikings they named and created themselves.


During the summer we held workshops for the Coderdojo in Armagh. The workshops were held over two days in the AmmA Centre. During these workshops we worked with the different age classes of the Coderdojo and we taught them the basic skills of comic creation and how to use Adobe Photoshop.

G.S.A.P Comic Art Workshop

This 3 week course was held in association with the Greater Shantallow Area Partnership. The course was run in a local primary school turned temporary youth club and covered comic production in its entirety, with each participant creating and developing their own character and short story. We got to say it was a great munch of kids and there was some wacky characters with some nice visual storytelling that you can check out here – GSAP WS Comic


BBC School Report Workshop

This one off workshop was held in association with the Verbal Arts Center and the BBC, the aim of the workshop was to breakdown complex news stories into bite sized comics that deliver the same message through “visual literacy”.  To do this we gathered that days newspapers and got each of the students to select a story that stood out for being bizarre or weird! From then we worked together to both show and practice the skills for transforming the written word into visual storytelling.

Cedar Comic Development Workshop

Below are some pics taken from our Comic Development workshop that we ran for the Western Trust and Cedar’s, this four by two hour workshop covered all aspects of comic production starting with character development/designing, scripting, layouts and ending with each participant creating there own one to two page story.

Interact Workshops

The Interact Youth Arts Festival is held by the Millennium Forum and offer young people aged 12-21 the chance to participate in a diverse range of arts events. This festival provides young people with opportunities to work with professional artists and develop there confidence in interacting with other young people. In 2012 Uproar Comics had the pleasure of holding a two day comic design workshop for the festival, the course was held at the Verbal Arts Center and was a great success.

At the end of the festival the participants work was combined together into this short publication and was put on display in the Forum for the closing of the festival. Click here to download a PDF document of the final publication.


Pilots Row Workshops

Pilots Row anti bullying comic course. This was a 10 week course held by Uproar and Pilots Row Youth Club, with the aim of producing a body of work in the spirit of “Anti Bullying Week”. The resulting publication was created entirely by the kids from the youth club under the guidance of the uproar team. Click here to download a copy of the final PDF document.


Top of the Hill Community Mural Workshop

This 6 week workshop was held at St Brecans Youth Club in Top of the Hill for children aged 8-11 – to create murals of their very own super-heroes. This was part of the Housing Executive Community Rejuvenation Project which allowed the kids to create art to brighten up their local area. Each child created a 1m x 1m board of a superhero in action and each board was then mounted locally for display in the Top of the Hill area. To get another perspective on the workshop, check out this interview with the children who participated in the workshops.


Western Trust Comic Design Workshop

This 3 week course was part of the “Turning the Curve” project run by the Western Trust’s Autism Services program. The course covered comic production in its entirety, with each participant creating and developing their own character and short story. The primary focus of the workshop for the kids was “Expressions through art”, and with the help of uproar; they produced this PDF of short stories.