Game of Thrones Season 4!!

GOT4 release

Insert Game of Throne Music!

Hold on to your hats people and break out the tissues. Season 4 of Game of Throne has been given a release date 😀

GOT4 2

Yes 7th of April is the date and we’ll be in for a series that is post-Red Wedding, probably one of the most traumatic endings to a Game of Thrones seasons EVER!

What will happen next? For all of you who have read the books you already know, but I have yet to read them so I can only guess. With infinitely less Stark’s in Westeros, I’m starting to worry for my other favourite characters and their well beings. We know GRR Martin has a thing for killing his characters so I can only hope that my favorites will be okay.

Can’t wait to see more of Daenerys and the Dragons and I want to know what happens to Jon Snow, another favorite of mine 😀

All I can say is BRING ON APRIL and please GRR Martin, try not to kill my favorite characters! Please??

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  • Sarah says:

    Just rewatching the last season for the first time since it aired and I am enjoying it a lot more since this time around. The casting for s3 was impeccable – especially the queen of thorns (Olenna Tyrell). Can’t wait to see s4 – the aftermath of the RW in particular. Who doesn’t enjoy a good wedding eh! 😉

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