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We’ve got some bright Kids here in NI

Last night Kevin and I attended the Generation Innovation event in the Ulster Hall. We felt very privileged to be invited along and were excited about going to the event all day. The event was called ‘Night of Ambition’ and had we were encouraged to Tweet about the night using night of ambition as the hashtag.

From the moment we got there we could feel the creativity in the air. There were so many people to talk to we didn’t know where to start! Companies from around the country had set up tables to show off their products and we almost immediately found ourselves face to face with none other than the Oculus Rift!

Kevin trying the Oculus Rift

Kevin trying the Oculus Rift

No words can express how excited we were to get a chance to use this impressive piece of gaming technology. It was really addictive and Kevin did comment on how, whilst wearing the head gear, he nearly fell over twice!

We got chatting with so many people and we managed to spread the Uproar Name about but soon it was time to sit down with the kids. We were there as ‘mentors’ in a sense and once we’d talked to our table of kids about the business and how it was created etc. we got to chatting about their interests and idea’s for businesses. Can I just say right now…we have some seriously bright, intelligent and imaginative kids here in our little country. Not only did we meet a girl who has some seriously great ideas for a new brand of baby products but guys with interests in making medical apps that would help medical professionals in their specialized areas. They all had their own little start-up ideas.

Connor Phillips from Cool FM hosted the event and we got to hear many people talk about their experiences through Generation Innovation. There was a particular interview that stuck out for us however and it was an interview with Sarah Friar, the CFO of Square. Originally from Sion Mills we got to hear her story of she got to where she is today. It was very inspiring. She brought along a special friend to the interview too and this is what really made it brilliant for everyone present. She brought along none other than her close personal friend and colleague Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter! Starstruck via Skype isn’t even the best way to describe what we felt.

All in all it was an excellent night and we were glad we were invited along. Getting to chat to the students was just amazing and seeing their enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering etc. was brilliant. They all have their own start-up ideas and we’ll be cheering them all on when it comes to setting them up. We just ask that they don’t forget us when they make their billions 😀

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