Great Female Superheroes and Villains


Female Superheroes!

Kick ass like no man can!

We all know so much about the male Superheroes out there. We all know about Superman, Batman, Ironman, Spider Man and the like, but what about the women?

We’ve decided to have a look at the amazing Female Superheroes and Villains that the comic book universe has blessed us with. With the massive success of Superhero Films such as Avengers Assemble, The Dark Knight Rises and The X men franchise we see quite a few Catwomen, Black Widow’s and even Storm’s appear every Halloween and at all the comic conventions we attend. A majority of the representations that we see tend to be of the rather nude variety but we always see some really top quality superheroes and villains . Some people put a lot of thought and detail into their costumes just to make them brilliant and we salute you for that!

Over the next few blog posts we will list some of the female Superheroes and villains that we know and love.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Diana Prince
First appearance: 1941

One of the most iconic and well known female Superheroes of all time! Wonder Woman first appeared in comic books in 1941. She is the daughter of Hippolyta and was born on Paradise Island (Themyscira). Of the Amazonian race, Diana as she is known, is a princess, an ambassador and a kick-ass warrior. Over the years she has appeared in many mediums from comics and TV Shows to video games and films. She is soon to appear in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and she will be played by Gal Gadot. In fact she is soon to get her own solo film in 2017. About time we say! She has appeared in some pretty kick ass story arcs in her time and faced off against some cracking villains. Recently in the New 52, Wonder Woman got a reboot which now sees her romantically linked with Superman, a bit of a controversial storyline for many of the fans, including us. We kind of see this relationship as undermining Wonder Woman as a character. We like her when she is kicking ass and taking control. Some of her best battle scenes have been against her arch nemesis Circe and Minerva/Cheetah! Wonder Woman’s powers were granted by the Gods of Olympus (or in the modern version of the character these powers are a result of ancestry) and armed with bulletproof bracelets, her magic lasso and top class Amazonian training makes Wonder Woman one of the most powerful in the DC Universe.



Ororo Munroe
First Appearance: 1975

Ororo Iquadi T’challa nee Munroe, aka. Storm, is one of the most popular female Mutants in the X-men series. Her first ever appearance came in 1975 and she has been a recurring character ever since. Like Wonder Woman, Storm has been seen in a variety of mediums, from comics, to cartoons series, films and video games. Her powers are probably one of the most iconic within the X-Men universe. She has the power to manipulate the energies, forces and elements that govern the weather. Storm was once worshiped as a goddess when she was a teenager by local tribes in Africa. Adopted as a goddess of life by the local tribes, Storm helps the people however she can, with her powers. The connection between the weather and her emotional state lead her to detach herself from stronger emotions as far as possible to protect the people. An elderly tribal woman, Ainet, helps her learn how to responsibly use her complex powers. After helping the X-Men to disperse of a troubled mutant called Deluge, she is then recruited by them. Storm is an integral part of the X-men team, headmistress of the Jean Grey School and former Queen of Wakanda. With her abilities to control and manipulate the weather this put her in the category of “omega level potential” making her one of the most power female characters in the X-men Universe.

Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel

Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers
First Appearance: 1968

Carol Danvers is possibly one of the coolest Marvel superheroes for us and she first appears in the Marvel universe in the 1960s as a highly capable young woman in the military field. A top class fighter pilot she was hired by NASA. One of her co-workers is Captain Marvel and she develops a close relationship with him. During a battle Captain Marvel dies protecting Carol and she in turn absorbs the radiation from his body. After absorbing his powers Carol then takes up the mantle of Ms. Marvel, in tribute to her saviour. Ms. Marvel has appeared in comics, video games and cartoons and we’re really hoping that she will make an appearance in the next Avengers film, Age of Ultron. We think Ms. Marvel would make an amazing addition to the team. It needs another woman and maybe one that isn’t as serious as Black Widow. Known for her super strength, super speed, flight, invulnerability and energy projection, Ms. Marvel (now adopting the new name of Captain Marvel) is another one of the most powerful women in the Marvel Universe. In Captain Marvel’s latest series of comics we see her taking on a new adventure in outer space and she has since teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in one of their adventures.


  • Roxy Ribbons says:

    deffo more likely to see half dressed versions, but strong, empowering nevertheless especially when you think about how wome were expected to behave by the majority of society when these gals were introduced…

  • heather says:

    Amen sister!

    I think a lot of people overlook how strong and empowering these female Heroes are. You’re totally correct when you say that women were thought of a lot differently when these heroes came on the scene. Wonder Woman was kicking Butt during the Second World War. In 1941 women were out in the fields working and working in the factories but when the War was over things started to go back again. These female superheroes continued to kick butt and inspire women to be more than what was expected of them.

    We may see some trashy versions of them at Halloween but the symbol of these great female Superheroes still stands. Wonder Woman, Storm and Ms. Marvel will always be able to defeat their enemies…no matter how they’re dressed :)

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