In the Flesh…. Reviewed

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In the Flesh…

(NO SPOILERS as such, unless you don’t want to know the general premise)

in the flesh, BBC Zombie Drama


So the “Rising” happened and now they’ve found a cure, sort of!

The PDS victims… who have the Partially Dead Syndrome is being handled by the government in vast facilities similar to a mental institutions for thousands of people affected by the syndrome, who have now become less rabid and more human, to try and reintroduce them through self help groups and using eye contacts and make up to help them be reintroduced into society where some resistance has built up to the monster menace that happened a while back now.


In the flesh, BBC Zombie genre TV show

Main Zombie or PDS victim in BBC Zombie Drama

We Follow Kieren Walker who seems to be one of the first to return home secretly to a loving normal family if not shocked by his appearance, but with the contempt of the sister who has fallen in with the local militia who come under the national banner of the Human Volunteer Movement, whose graffiti is sprawled everywhere.

In the flesh BBC Zombie Drama

Kieren’s Sister who fights for HVF

The local nurse comes out to treat Kieren, as his sister wants nothing to do with him as she hides the fact he is home from the HVF, and the Townsfolk get wound up by the local council headed by their Vicar who say they will resist the assimilation by having the ear of the staunch head of the force who are still banded after the whole “Rising” is over.

Leader of HVF in In the flesh, BBC Zombie Drama

Leader of HVF in In the flesh

With intelligence received the vicar sends the leader of the HVF to go out to prove they don’t want the “Rotters” on their streets of Roarton as Kieren finds possible belonging with an emerging cult online who speak from behind a skeleton mask like a sort of “Anonymous”.

A few nice twists,some the kind of you see coming but still good concepts and others that creep up and surprise you like zombies themselves.  Great concepts throw you into the thick of it and you have to piece it together yourself, and good overall story and twists, but it seems to lack something which looks to bring in the episode in the manner of a bit of liveliness and humour. I think it had too much BBC gloss over it which sometimes it strives to be real and it falls flat a bit like it’s got realism and tone but ends up with no character. It leaves it seeming too heavy without any natural release, but most importantly it did leave me intrigued to where it goes with all the storylines.


Definitely will be tuning in to see more of this show!


Out of 10… I give it a 6 (with potential to grow to an 8)


Definitely check it out!

In the flesh, BBC Zombie Drama

Leader of HVF in flesh, BBC Zombie Drama



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