It’s all coming up Uproar!


Here’s lookin’ at you…Uproar!

Our first full week back in Uproar HQ is over and we’ve settled back into our geeky ways. Christmas and New Year is well and truly over and our TV Ad for Invest NI has been hijacking your screens. Thanks to the ad and thanks to some brilliant efforts from all the staff here in HQ this year, 2014, It’s All Coming up Uproar!

So what is in store for us this year, and ultimately what is in store for you, our loyal fans?

New Comics!

What sort of Comic Production company would we be without some new releases? In the next few weeks in fact we will have some really big news for you all, a new publication that will hopefully blow your socks off! Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, blog and website for more information as we’ll be updating regularly with images and ever promo videos. We also have other new publications waiting in the pipeline so this year we will be filling your bookshelves with new material.


For the first time in Uproar’s history we’re going to release a Beta-Product. ‘Not Dead Yet’ is a continuation on from Issue 8 of Zombies Hi and it aim’s to make the Zombies Hi experience more interactive. It will be your Ultimate Zombie Fix! With enough support for the game, who knows, we might see the start of Issue 9???


We all know that this year is going to be huge for geeky events. Belfast Comic Con, Dublin Comic Con, 2D Festival, Q-Con and more! We’re planning to get our nose into all of it. We even have plans in the works for pre-con events. We love our Cons and Geek centered Festivals and we can’t wait to get out there and chatting with you all.

Our Services

We love assisting other business and passing our brand of geeky advertising/marketing around. Last year was a brilliant year for us and 2014 is looking to be just as good. We’ve created a STEM focused comic that we hope will promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics amongst the young people of the city and the country. We have also branched out into something that we never thought we would get our hands onto. A Wedding Comic! Brilliant idea for all you geeky Brides out there (trust me I will be a future geeky Bride someday and I totally love the idea). The Wedding Comic will be available to view as soon as the happy couple come back from Honeymoon ;).

The Siege Comic (a comic based around the most iconic event in our city’s history and centered around one of our most contested figures) is also another thing that we are continuing on from 2013 and it can be viewed on our gallery section.

Still looking for that perfect gift for yourself or a loved one? Then check out our Zombie portraits! They were a huge hit over the Christmas season and we want to keep providing you all with quality Zombie Portraits.




Our blogs were well received all of last year and we wish to continue that success this year. We’ll continue to provide you with the latest geeky news, reviews, rumors and gushy goodness but this year we plan to up the ante. We’re not satisfied with just providing you with articles to read, we have a voice that we want you to hear too. We have the biggest nerd collective in the city in Uproar HQ and we want to use that to our advantage. Video Blogs are the way to do that and they will be coming soon!

Vlogs are coming

We also plan to have more features on the blog that highlight the talent that our fair city and country has. We want to celebrate you lot and provide you with a platform to show off your work (whether it be in writing or in art!)

Have a strong view on a certain topic? Then you can apply to be a guest blogger for us for a day! Sick of people not replying to your rants on Facebook, want a bigger platform where you are guaranteed to have some seriously geeky people read your views? Well then guest blogging for us is the way to go!


We’ll be continuing to bring our unique style of Workshops to the school’s of Derry. We hope to continue to mold young minds to the ways of the comic book and help them to develop their creative skills.

We’re also hoping to provide Workshops that will help all of you fledgling comic book creators, and all you already developed comic book creators. Our workshops will aim to give you support and heighten those skills that you need to be a truly great artist/script writer. Need to touch up on your skills, then look no further than our workshops. They will also give you the chance to network and build your own comic support system, so if you’re ever stuck in a rut, have lost your muse, or are struggling with a particular plot bunny then your comic support network will be able to help you.


By doing all of these things this year we will continue to develop ourselves as a business. Kevin and Danny worked tirelessly in 2013 for funding and awareness and they will be doing the same this year, along with the help and support from the rest of the Uproar Staff 😉

I know what you’re thinking, how can one company do all of that in one year? Well with all of your help and continued support we think all of this is possible and more. We’re looking forward to seeing how 2014 unravels and we will embrace everything it has to throw at us. City of Culture may be over but the Year of Uproar has only just begun.

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