Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival - 15th & 16th November

It’s not far off… No its not Christmas… It’s Thought Bubble!

For many years now we have been attending many conventions on the Irish and UK Convention Circuit, but one Convention that evaded us was mentioned time and time again by many a fellow comic creator – “Oh yeah, Thought Bubble is Great- best there is!!”. Uproar became more and more intrigued at this holy grail of comic conventions,  so far removed from the Comic-Cons of San Diego – where movie hype and the scantily clad cosplay girls are churned out in an attempt to get fans to empty their wallets!

Yet I have been assured that this is not the case with the aptly named “Thought Bubble” which has put its mind to the matter and kept the convention about comics, even more of a festival and a celebration of the comic medium as opposed to the mega-corps using it as a money spinner. So, considering it’s reputation as the Shangri-La of comics conventions, the time has come, we set sail this Friday… well, it’ll seem less dramatic when standing in the queue holding as many comics as we can carry, but that does not take away from our excitement. In fact- it will only add to it!

We will be exhibiting in the TB TEEPEE, which by the sounds of it will be very different from some of the conventions we have already been to! From the looks of the floor plan we will be in good company. We will finally get to meet up with Alfie Gallagher who we have had the pleasure of working with in the past but have never met! This is one of the many reasons I love going to cons, its where the internet becomes real!

Uproar can be found at table 78 in the TB TeePee.

Uproar Can be found at table 78!

So… Rufus Dayglo, Charlie Adlard, Scott Snyder, Jock, Kieron Gillen, Peter Hogan… I could go on because the list of awesome talent just keeps going! We are really excited to be in the presence of of such established Comic-Gods!  We have attended many conventions already with the charming and talented home turf boyos Dec Shalvey and Stephen Mooney – so it will be great to catch up with those guys again too!! This is where you may see us geek out and heads exploding with awe!

But when we are not geeking out and blowing our own minds, we will be doing the usual – selling our comics, such as the flagship “Zombies Hi”, but also our scifi “LEAP”. Our most recent new series, the spiritual philosophical steampulp comic “Conundrum”, and in a ThoughtBubble exclusive, we will be announcing and debuting our hot off the presses new comic called “GIFTED”, a mature supernatural tale of superheroes on the fantastically mystical modern isle of Ireland. Come be the first to get the first edition and maybe stick about for a chat and a sketch too!

Another thing that we will be promoting is the DEC (Digital Experience Comic). These are apps that are free, yes FREE, that we will be asking any attendee to take a look at because they offer something that traditional comics cannot offer and that is interactive immersion and in some, the actual ability to control the story. If this intrigues you that you can’t wait check out until thought bubble then check them out here below!

So I hope you are all coming along and will come up and say hi to us because thats what its all about!
Look forward to seeing you all there!


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