Jurassic World not a Reboot!

By December 3, 2013 Films, Marketing, News, Uproar Comics

No Jurassic Reboot…

It has been confirmed that Jurassic World will not be a reboot but a sequel! Colin Trevorrow has taken to Twitter to reassure the fans that the film, set to release in 2015, is not a reboot…as such.

Karn Bains: [email protected] @colintrevorrow Mr. Trevorrow, everytime I read something, it says JW is a reboot. Please tell us that its not a reboot?! I’m going bonkers!

Colin Trevorrow: [email protected] @pfcbains916 Reboot is a strong word. This is a new sci-fi terror adventure set 22 years after the horrific events of Jurassic Park.


The Mary Sue stated:

This adds some potential validity to the plot summary we heard about before, in which someone’s stepped into John Hammond’s shoes and actually figured out how to make a dinosaur theme park work. Important to note is that we don’t know whether Jurassic World will carry over any of the characters from the original trilogy—Ty Simpkins, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Nick Robinson are all playing new characters—so while it’s not technically a reboot, it could still effectively be a reboot.

If the story is set only 22 years after the events of Jurassic park then I believe there is potential for some crossover of the original characters. Maybe the grandchildren of John Hammond, all grown up and still scarred from the events of Jurassic Park could make an appearance. The film is released in 2015 it will be 22 years since the first film. Technically the original characters such as Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ian Malcolm  could return. Their actors have ages 22 year so why not…would make it feel more authentic.

It will be interesting to see what events will unfold in Jurassic World and we’ve found a meme that basically gives a great twist to the plot!

jurassic-park-4-plot-meme-300x300Raptors with weapons? Sign us up and take our money 😀

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