Alfie is one of the many fantastic artists we’ve come into contact with in the recent months and are glad to say that you will be seeing him contributing to Issue 6 of Zombies Hi as he teams up with writer Stephen Herron on “Animal Magic”. Hopefully this will be the first of many stories from both of them, but I’ll let Alfie tell you a bit about himself for now…

After graduating from University of Ulster, Art College in Belfast, specialising in illustration, I’ve worked as a graphic designer, book cover designer and freelance illustrator in Belfast and London. I’ve created illustrative and creative work for clients such as Orange, Popular Mechanics magazine and Madame Tussauds. I’ve also created comic work for a number of small press titles and my own self-published titles.

When not drawing, I love taking in things that fall under the¬†category of ‘rock n roll psychedelic comic book trash’.”
Quality stuff I think you’ll agree! Keep checking back for a sneak peek at his work for Zombies Hi in the coming weeks, and to meet the rest of the writers and artists that have, and will be, joining the pages of Uproar Publications!

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