New Web-comic “ICONS” characters revealed…

Over the next few weeks as we build up to the launch of new web-comic from Darren McCay we will be letting you sneak a peek into the world of….


Name: Vanguard
Real Name: Rayden Krell
Ray Carter (On Earth)

Homeworld: Valinor, located in another dimension in a relative position in space as Earth:              hub of an inter-dimensional alliance of worlds.

Base of operations: Bastion City USA,

Headquarters: Stronghold, located inside Mt. Thunder on the outskirts of Bastion City.

Group affiliation: The Pantheon.                                                                                    Sub-team: The Crisis Cavalry

Powers: Flight (super-sonic), super-strength, enhanced reflexes and speed, personal protective aura which makes him relatively impervious to harm and can survive with little or no oxygen for extensive periods of time.

Weapons: Helmet which amplifies inate psionic abilities allowing him to fly and create his personal protective aura. It also has built in communication and enhanced visual abilities.
Pistol: Fires plasma-bolts with varying degrees of intensity. (Settings from stun to disintegration.)

Revered as the “Saviour of Worlds” after spearheading the successful rebellion against The Trans-Dimensional Imperium, Vanguard became the figurehead of the newly formed Omniversal Alliance.

Originally he served the Imperium as a herald to invasion , seen as a genetic miracle among his people he could gradually adapt his body to survive any enviroment. Each dimension he travelled to had unique laws of physics. Travelling from dimension to dimension demanding the submission of the native inhabitants to the Imperium, if they refused The Imperium adapted their troops (Warbusters) with the enviromental data sent back from Vanguard and sent them to decimate any resistance. The Imperium would raid each world of its natural resources and enslave its native population.
With each dimension Vanguard grew more powerful, the Imperium tried to make more like him, so the tried cloned him. They were unsuccessful: The clones were mindless but an amazing discovery was made that Vanguard could transfer his mind into and control each clone body. This meant that Vanguard could keep a body in an enhancing chamber, making it more powerful whilst being able to do other things.
How and why Vanguard comes to Earth, well you’ll have to follow the epic…




  • Jim says:

    Well looks like am gonna have to just follow the epic then…lol

  • Jim says:

    Well looks like am gonna have to just follow the epic then…lol So Vanguard is the man? Sounds like he’s an amalgamation of loads of characters! Love that! Can’t wait so see the rest of the characters!

  • Gio says:

    There’s plenty of characters Jim, stay tuned, there will be another announced very very soon : )

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