6 o’clock… 6 o’clock, BBC 2 was when the frontiers of the mind were boldy explored. Imagination took that quantum leap. This was when the realms of scifi were explored by a young kid who sat excitedly too close to the screen. This was when this youngling saw warp nacelles lit up blue and journeyed beyond the speed of light into the unknown. This is when the love of Scifi began… It was definitely not the end!! Years later, with the inclusion of many other stories and concepts from the metaverse of scifi, this big kid always wanted to create a scifi story of his very own. Kevin (Gio) and myself have been life-long followers of Scifi and have talked (geeked out) many times about our very own universe to call our own! Now was the time… Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Battlestar, Quantum Leap, even to the likes of Airwolf, Space Precinct and SeaQuest lol We loved it all, so technically this is half a love letter to Scifi and half a love letter to Storytelling. It’s an amalgamation of what we loved and what we wanted to change in Scifi. With that in mind let the most universal story imaginable begin…


One small step for Man… One Giant LEAP for Mankind!

More news coming very soon so stay tuned this week about our new release… “LEAP

Danny, over and out!

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