One Week Until Zombies Hi 8: Dead On Arrival!

We’re all set for the release of Zombies Hi Part 8: “Dead On Arrival” in just seven days time, where we return to Altnagelvin hospital and continue on from Part 6’s epic cliffhanger!

  • Will Doc and his crew escape the hospital with hundreds of Zombies swarming in?
  • What is it that causes some Zombies to develop pupils and the ability to summon nearby undead?
  • Will Johnny ever find his beloved band, “CLENCH”?
  • What ever became of “IVAN”?

Find the answers to these questions, and more, in a feature length Zombies Hi story!


Pre-Order here

PRE-ORDER NOW and receive a limited edition print of Steph with your physical copy when it’s released next week on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10th!


Prints are limited, so order now to avoid disappointment.

Those savvy enough to pre-order will also receive a digital copy of Zombies Hi 8 to read on their computer, tablet or mobile device.  All for the regular price of a print copy of Zombies Hi: What more could you want for £3.50?!

I know, I know; we’re spoiling you.

Also included in Part 8, the winning story from the Waterstones and Uproar Comics Writing Competition 2012 and the winning lyrics of the CLENCH LYRICS COMPETITION will be seen showcased in our feature length Zombies Hi story, “Dead On Arrival”.

All in all, we’re really proud of this issue, it’s been in production for a while but we think you’ll agree it’s been worth it when you pick up a copy.

To get your hands on a pre-order bundle, delivered right to your door, just click here.  But hurry, this offer is only available for the next week!

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