I wanted to write a promo bit for the next issue coming up, but as it’s a new year I thought I would give you a ‘Previously on Zombies Hi’. Try and give our readers a refresher and our new readers a flavour of what’s been going on with as little spillerage of spoilerage! 

Page 2 of Issue 6 of Zombies Hi

In Issue 6 we see them venture out to the hospital where we leave them hanging after a ‘shocking’ incident which is where we pick up again in issue 8.

It all begins with a famous face down playing the panic on local radio, then a few weeks later the ancient walls of Derry has become the safe haven for the survivors as it seems as if judgement day has descended upon them. Old personal horrors in the face of apocalypse rise up for our main character, Paddy, a catholic cop from the highly republican Bogside. And the town with conflicted leadership tries to deal with the oncoming and relentless hordes that want to devour the living flesh of all that remain within the walls.


The city has been known as the ‘Maiden City’ because of the Ancient Defensive walls never have been, ahem, ‘penetrated’. Yet that was until now. The only break in the walls proves to be the weak point and the Undead breach. The town needs to work together to pull themselves out of this nightmare, and paddy needs to resolve an old aggression with a horrible resolution.

That’s when the men in the shadows strike!

The Eyes of the Man in the Shadows.

The first time we see the hospital is when we meet Johnny and Steph who are travelling home to Derry. Johnny being on a mission to find his bandmates from ‘Clench’ ! After a ‘bump’ in the road derails them they find out that there is a Zombie with a difference out there as we see what will happen to one of the men from the shadows.

Page 2 of Issue 4. Johnny in the Clenchmobile outside the hospital.

After an emotional farewell to the dead, the people realise they must man up and go out from the walls to get what they need because it seems that they’re on their own with no sign of outside help. Not just to survive, but to live, and prosper. As we see the men in the shadows make a move to to take out the ringleaders.

Paddy leads men out on a covert mission for guns under the guise for food and find out more than they bargained for when they get back, as the Doc and a team go to the hospital for essential meds. During the outing the big guy ‘Del’ and the mental ‘Vaughan’ come across a wreckage they never expected and bodies of men who aren’t from around these parts. They meet Johnny and Steph, who won’t say why they are there now, and are left in the ‘shocking’ situation that i mentioned before!

Cover of Issue 6

Plenty more happens in between to excite, intrigue and tantalise the reader, especially on the zombie front, not mentioning the looming future of all our survivors.

And we pick up in the next issue with the last moments in the hospital. Here we learn more about the virus and how will our characters get out of this ’hellhole’ of a zombie infested hive… you will have to wait and see!


Thumbnail for a shot in Issue 8!!!

Prepare for the most awesome of issues from Uproar Comics very soon…

Just wait and see this thumbnail in its full glory in the next while- it shall be posted!!

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