Conundrum Issue 1
Conundrum Issue 1Conundrum Issue 1Conundrum Issue 1

Conundrum Issue 1

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Conundrum Issue 1 – Three Men. Two beliefs. One Question.

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Conundrum Issue 1 – Wonders and Curiosities are the height of the alternate steampunk 20th century where, a great man, Professor Wilde debuts Wilde’s Wondrous World Fairs to the public with great acclaim. With new technological, Cultural, and Natural discoveries available to everyone the World’s advancement exceeded expectations in all forms.

An experimental Atomic power station explodes. No one could have survived- and yet one man walks from the radioactive explosion unharmed and over time develops strange supernatural abilities. Some believe him to be a God on Earth, some see him as a deterrent of war, some see him as a fraud: the Ubermensch!

One man foresaw this unfold- the elusive killer dubbed “Zener”, a mysterious stranger hell bent on murdering anyone who gets in the way of his crusade.

The most famous man on the planet, Professor Wilde, is murdered in this unholy rampage by the Zener Killer. Now his son Thomas makes it his mission to find the truth about the killings and this new messiah figure- but to what ends?

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Product Description

Conundrum Issue 1 is the end result of our desire to create a great story around a very specific and detailed ending. From day one the end scene was solidified. All we needed to do was create the characters and the events which run up to the end scene. The one thing about the ending was that it was a question, quandary or as the book would become known… a Conundrum.

Along the way ideas formed as they always do and characters took shape – becoming real people, with real feelings and real motivations. As the timeline became apparent we realised that we didn’t just want to tell people a story, we wanted the reader to immerse themselves into the book, without having to be spoon fed the story.

Conundrum Issue 1 Created By:

  • Created By: Danny McLaughlin & Kevin Logue
  • Story By: Danny McLaughlin
  • Artwork By: Michael Arbuthnot
  • Colouring By: Ruth Thompson & Richard Rodgers
  • Digital Artwork By: Jonny Lynn
  • Digital Experience By: Ciaran Doherty
  • Additional Animations By: Andrew Lee

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3 reviews for Conundrum Issue 1

  1. 5 out of 5


    Any plans to get conundrum shirts like the NDY ones? <3

  2. :

    I just read conundrum #1, wow my favourite uproar project yet!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Great comic and characters!! Already cant wait for issue 2! Highly recommended

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