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Digital Download – The Ballad of Half Hanged McNaghten

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36 page trade paper back in primarily gray-wash. Written By Daniel McLaughlin, Art by Adam Pescott, Lettering by Dannii Coyle & Danny McLaughlin and Edited by Ross Harrison. Click here for a 7 page preview!!!

Product Description

The Ballad of Half Hanged McNaghten is a standalone comic based on both Historical fact and Irish folklore depicting the life of Irish Rogue John McNaghten. Set in the early 18th Century we follow McNaghten as he lives the high life whilst at Trinity College, gambling, women, drinking and all of it funded by his inherited wealth. It was a risky life style and one that soon caught up with him, all things that spiral downloads they most eventually hit the bottom and John was no different.

After a shameful incident left him needing safe passage out of Dublin and back home to Derry he turned to his life long friend Andrew Knox for help, and was lucky enough to receive it.

Under Knox’s protection he return to the Walled City ….where many years later, love, murder and justice would brand this tale into the minds of every Derry man, woman and child for the rest of time.


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