Zombies Hi Issue 12
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Digital Download – Zombies Hi Issue 12


Zombies Hi Issue 12

Paddy’s down… Claire is captured. The town is at the mercy of a new threat.

PREVIOUSLY, whilst being tormented by his waking nightmares, Paddy finds out from Johnny Rocker that these eye’d Zombies were capable of so much more than just roaring. Rallying Doc and Claire the trio took to the streets to find help and capture these “HOWLERS”, only to finally met the man from the shadows face to face. In an instance a gunshot rang through the still air of the town, Paddy had been shot and a terrorist stood over him proclaiming “Free Derry”…

‘Zombies Hi’ is a series with a lot of potential. The distinctly Irish themes and settings help to set this apart from the countless other zombie books on the shelves.  Comicbooktherapy.com

Johnny, unaware of the situation in the town, decided it was time to try and win over the affections of Steph – by facing his fears. As he jumped the walls in search of his old self and his band ‘Clench’, he knew his ‘Big-Crowd-O-Phobia’ and susceptibility to fainting could be the end of him. MEANWHILE, Del had left the town to distance himself from the chaos within. He journeyed back home to seek solace from the horrors that happened to his family during the outbreak. Nearby, Del found another group of survivors who are lead by the mysterious man who rescued him from his first Zombie attack.



Product Description

Zombies Hi Issue 12 – A 32 page full colour comic containing Zombies Hi Issue 12, written by Danny McLaughlin and Kevin Logue, artwork by Michael Arbuthnot, Kevin Logue, Ruairi Coleman and John McFarlane. Lettering by Danny McLaughlin, Colouring by Ruth Thompson, Richard Rodgers, Holly Stinson & Kevin Logue. Cover art by Jim Brady. Check out our gallery of previous Zombies Hi issues here.

Zombies Hi Issue 12 also includes:

Issue 12 also includes a short standalone story – “Brainchompers”, written by Glenn Matchett with artwork by Alfie Gallagher.


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