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Digital Download – Zombies Hi Issue 8


The last time we visited Altnagelvin Hospital, in Zombies Hi issue 6, cycloptic sawbones Doc had killed his first Zombie but inadvertently attracted many more to the corridor where he, Johnny, Steph and a freshly bitten Steve were stranded.  Meanwhile, a few floors above, Zombie extermination enthusiast Vaughn and fireman Del’s hunt for supplies happened them upon a far more disturbing discovery.

In this issue we return to find out if they will get out of there alive!! and so much more….

Will the doc discover why some Zombies have eyes?

Will Johnny ever find his beloved band Clench?

What's the unspoken secret between Johnny and Steph?

And what happened to “Ivan”?


All will be revealed!!


Product Description

32 page full colour comic containing the eight installment of “Zombies HI” and a new “Zombies Hi: Extra”  from Danny McLaughlin and the  amazing “CTRL-Z” from Damien Duncan our Waterstones competition winner.


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