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Leap – Issue #0 Digital Download


A Space faring Neo-Science Fiction Epic that explores the light of the human experience within the vast unending darkness of the universe.

“The Vanguard” – The most state-of-the-art Interstellar vessel ever created,  roars through the vast darkness of space. It's crew of 24, held in a suspended dream-like stasis for decades in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Eighty years earlier, a united Earth worked together in the face of human extinction towards a common goal – to send a team of humanities best beyond observable space, dubbed Project LEAP. Their goal is to map the stars so that the human race can some day follow them and find new resources, new life and if needs be… a new home!

Decades after launch they reach their first destination, and our story begins, but what will the crew find on the new planet they orbit, aliens, machines, gods? What will they find out about themselves, their objectives and their futures…

Aliens, planets, monsters, robots and spaceships- who knows what else is out there! We send them our hope, for hope is all we can send them…


Product Description

Volume Zero of this brand new title comes in full colour A4 high quality trade paper back print containing 46 pages of scifi goodness. Concept originally created by Daniel McLaughlin and Kevin Logue, all art duties we’re held in house by the Uproar Team of Jonny Lynn, Ciaran Doherty, Richard Rodgers,  Marcus Kirk and Nathan McIntyre. Exclusive to this issue only lead art duties were held by Michael O’Callaghan. With a special shout out to the rest of the team – Holly Stinson, Michael “The Bearded” Arbuthnot, Stephen King, Heather Taylor, Ruth Thompson, Chris McGovern, and Jordan Sandy.


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