Zombies Hi Issue 10

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Del has had enough! He is going home. Zombies Hi continues in this stand out character centric issue!

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They called for Sean's death; Paddy answered, and he was not alone.  Angry and distraught at the people he had stood by for so long, the people that he wanted nothing more than to protect, showed him in one gesture that they were as monstrous as the undead creatures that haunted their waking lives. No longer would he stand by them, he once had a home, a home he longs to see and nothing is keeping Del inside the Walls any longer.

'Zombies Hi' is a series with a lot of potential. The distinctly Irish themes and settings help to set this apart from the countless other zombie books on the shelves.  Comicbooktherapy.com

Outside the safety of the walls, Del on his own ventures towards Pennyburn. The way is not easy, but he wouldn't want it to be. He wouldn't want to be staying alive so easily when others once so close had perished so quickly .

Plagued by visions of his past, we see a glimpse of the days leading up to the global outbreak and eventual acceptance that the apocalypse had dawned.

Del wasn't always the quiet stoic type, in fact he used to be the life and soul of the party, but what happened in them early days that changed him so much? What will he find when he returns home?

Product Description

32 page full colour comic containing Zombies Hi Issue 10, written by Danny McLaughlin and Kevin Logue, artwork by Ruairi. Lettering by Richards Rodgers, Colouring by Ruth Thompson & Richard Rodgers. Cover art by Roger Martinez , Cover coloured by Sonia Moruno. Check out our gallery of previous Zombies Hi issues here.

Zombies Hi Issue 10 also includes:

Issue 10 also includes a short standalone story – “Cold Feet”, written by Ryan Cady with artwork by TBA.

1 review for Zombies Hi Issue 10

  1. 5 out of 5


    loved this, Del has had enough (finally lolol)!! Best issue yet 😀

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