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Zombies Hi Issue 7


The People of Derry devastated by the Zombie apocalypse; use the city’s ancient walls as its bastion as they struggle for survival.

From the shadows watches a terrorist who sent Sean to set off the bomb within the city walls for their patriotic cause. With guilt bearing down on him, Sean wants out… but to do so – he must kill again.

Can the self appointed leadership of Walker and Paddy keep control as they send out three  crews to find resources? A doomed crew to find hardware, another led by the doc to the hospital to find med’s. The final group led by paddy, accompanied by a suspicious Sean and a faith-questioning priest to fetch food – but in reality he is on a secret mission for guns.


Product Description


32 page full colour comic containing the seventh installment of “Zombies HI” and the second ever “Zombies Hi: Extra” story, “What’s that noise?” by Danny McLaughlin; “Foundations” by Michael Deery, with artwork by John and Joe Campbell, and “Downtime” by regular contributors Alan Healy and Dave Campbell. First time appearance by Rowan Davidson and Brian Burke on “The Honeymoon”.


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