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Zombies Hi – Issue 6


Zombies HI issue 6 is the first issue to be printed in full colour with no extra cost to you!!

The People of Derry, devastated by the Zombie apocalypse use the city’s ancient walls as its bastion as they struggle for survival.

From the shadows watches a terrorist who sees this apocalypse as an opportunity to rid the city of its ‘shackles of oppression’. Setting off a bomb within the City Walls to eradicate any sign of British Authority was only stage one of his plan.

It seems that leadership has fallen upon woman known as ‘Walker’ and the leading Police Officer, Paddy, who have planned to set out in three vans to find resources; food,medical supplies & hardware. They must they the safety of their Walls as they go deep into the horrors beyond…

Product Description

32 page paper back comic containing the sixth installment of “Zombies HI”, the first ever “Zombies Hi: Extra” story, “The Heist” from Mike Lynch & Anthony O’Neill, and “Animal Magic” from Stephen Herron & Alfie Gallagher.


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