Super Smash Bros: First Impressions

Super Smash Bros 3

Let the fun begin!

Super Smash Bros has always been one of Nintendo’s most successful titles, so with its release on the 3DS upon us it is no surprise that gamers everywhere are itching to get their hands on a copy. However, since its reveal, there have been a few who have remained sceptical and unsure as to whether the game can actually work on the system. Despite how successful the game has been in the past, it is hard to know whether this instalment will follow suit with the titles previous success since the 3DS is a handheld, portable console. We can’t help but ask ourselves ‘Will it play as well as previous home console games?’ There is no denying that Nintendo are certainly able to deliver, but whether they actually will, remains to be seen.

Having played the demo, I can safely say that most of my uncertainty about the game simply melted away, especially once I was able to familiarise myself with a handful of my favourite characters yet again and rediscover why I love this franchise, and it can be argued that since it was a demo, the game has a lot more to prove. However, the concerns that a lot of avid Smash Bros fans have are still quite valid.

The game has a very specific control system, yet there has still been a lot of debate as to whether Smash Bros should be considered a fighting game, and although it doesn’t necessarily have the same impact as some of the classics, such as Tekken and Street Fighter, I think it’s fair to say that Smash Bros is still a strong contender within the genre. The control system meant that it worked extremely well with a GameCube controller for example, and we can only hope that it translates effortlessly to the 3DS. Personally, I have yet to see any major issues with the games controls, or at least nothing that can’t be overlooked. The circle pad is perfect for movement and as before both the A and B buttons activate a selection of four basic fighting moves, depending on which direction you push the circle pad. However, I can understand that in some ways, it doesn’t really feel good to play.

I’ve noticed that it is very easy to get carried away while playing the game due to its fast pace and in an effort to be victorious you’ll do everything you can to get your hands on every item and knock your opponents into oblivion. There have been times where in an effort to dash to an item I’ve either over shot it completely or I’m simply not moving fast enough. It’s not the be all and end all of the game, but considering there have been quite a few instalments, such as Brawl and Melee, players have been given the chance to get to know certain characters and become familiar with their moves and capabilities. So, it is not surprise then that even the slightest change in these capabilities will affect game play, especially when it comes to something simple, like jumping; this now requires a lot more force than before.

In addition, although I would class this issue as more of an annoyance than an actual problem, players will quickly realise that when battling with four players or more, the camera naturally needs to zoom out on occasion in order to have all of the characters in view. This can be quite problematic given the fast pace of the game. Characters become extremely small and difficult to keep track of, which often results in total catastrophe as characters either accidentally go flying off the stage which results in a K.O or they deal themselves damage as they unknowingly run into traps or have items blow up in their face. It can be argued though, that as long as every player selects a different character, this will not be an issue, and with 49 characters to choose from, such as Link, Pikachu and Mario, along with a total of 15 new characters, choosing different characters certainly won’t be difficult.

Personally, I think that the large array of characters is one of the things that immediately won me over with this game. Of course, given that I’ve only played the demo you might wonder why this is the case, but simply knowing about these characters, and knowing that I would soon get to play as them was enough to get me excited, especially since the list of brand new characters included Pac Man and Greninja, which is great news for an avid Pokémon fan.

There are going to be some limitations with a four player fighting game on the 3DS system, given that up until now we’ve been used to the GameCube controller, so much so that Nintendo have released adaptors for the Wii U, but none of these limitations seem game breaking and I’ve found it very easy to overlook and tolerate them. The game is ambitious, but Nintendo always do their very best to deliver and I have no doubt that this time it will be no different. The game’s graphics are better than they have ever been, meaning the characters look great, and ultimately it’s still the friendship destroying game that we all know and love.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is out in Japan and scheduled for release in the US and Europe on October 3rd, and Australia on October 4th.


  • The gamer says:

    Pretty good.

  • I love smash brothers. says:

    This to me feels like it has been wrote by someone who actually doesn’t know the franchise, maybe a child who hasn’t grown up with the legacy of the game and understand how smash brothers got to where it is.

    • Naru Miyamoto says:

      absolutely no-one in the universe cares that you’re an elitist douche on the internet. A super computer processing for a thousand years at maximum output couldn’t even come close to processing the number of f**** that are not given about the fact that you think that you’re an authority on a game franchise. Why not just enjoy any articles that ask questions, and not be such an over critical clown?

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