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Viking Workshop 5

Odin's Beard!

Who wouldn’t want to create their own viking?

Over the past few weeks, we here at Uproar Comics have been taking our ‘Vicious Vikings Workshop’ at St. Eugene’s Primary school right here in the city. The Headmaster of the school came to us looking for an after school arts club that would also focus on a certain aspect of the Key Stage 2 history curriculum. The Vikings!

Naturally we jumped at the opportunity because who wouldn’t want to create their own Viking comic? We set about developing a six week pilot course and this course was able to cover everything from Viking social/family life, the different types of food they would have eaten, how they made their Longboats and of course, the notorious Viking Raids! We also threw some Norse Mythology into the mix which proved to be great fun.

As well as learning about the Vikings we were also able to teach the children some basic drawing techniques. We covered areas like how to draw a nose, how to draw hair and how to draw waves on the sea. Along with teach the children how to draw and teaching them all about the Vikings we also got to learn their interests. We encouraged them to use their likes and dislikes when it came to drawing their Viking comic. We didn’t want something that was going to be absolutely, 100% historically accurate, we wanted something with imagination (as long as they remembered the things we had taught them about the Vikings). We ended up getting comics of all shapes and sizes. We got to see Vikings go into outer-space, we got to see them traveling to Australia to catch some Kangaroos and we even got to see them facing off against mythical monsters and Gods!

One of the best bits of the Workshop? That had to be when we got the children to come up with their Viking names and write them out in Viking Runes. We even decided to give ourselves Viking names. I am now ‘Heather the Hateful’, Danny is now ‘Danny the Dreaded’ and Kevin is the almighty ‘Kevin the Carnivore’.

See our Viking Workshop Gallery for images of the classes.

Vicious Viking Workshops

  • Create Your Own Viking Character

  • Creating A Historically Accurate Story

  • Script Writing Basics and Introduction

  • Introduction to drawing Comic Art

Time spent having fun!

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