We’ve invaded your airwaves!

So one day we got a call from someone in the offices of InvestNI asking about how we have progressed since we took part in the “Go For It” program. They were interested in our “story”.

Since telling stories is what we do… we spun it!

We delivered the story of Uproar Comics from infancy to now, how we’ve grown and how we’ve learned. Never had anyone sounded so impressed on the phone (I could hear their smile over the phone). We were exactly what they were looking for.

A week or two later we were contacted to do some interview questions. Their wonderful Team came to Uproar HQ, lead by Micky O’Neil (Producer). They wanted to film us, and as we aren’t the shyest of people we said “Oh yeah!”

We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into. It was only after this that we were called again to take part in a whole day of filming! “A Whole Day?” we thought, “What is this for?” We asked them for the details and were shocked to find out that it was a whole advertising campaign! TV Advert, days of filming and even a photo-shoot!

Everything came together in the end and it was truly a privilege to be a part of someone telling our story, and it reaching the masses.

The TV Spot


The Case Study

With the end result being absolutely brilliant, we want to thank everyone who was involved with the making of the advert and the campaign. We would also like to thank all those at Genesis Advertising and Invest NI for the great opportunity- it was loads of fun to do!

Hopefully this won’t be the last time you see us on the Box…. Watch this Space!!!

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