Valentine’s Day Films – Uproar Style


Films Galore!

Valentine’s Day is only a couple of days away and whether you have a significant other or not you’ll be acutely aware that it is indeed Valentine’s Day.

If you already have plans and will find yourself out and about on February 14th…then that’s great! If you’re not going to be out on the town and will instead be sitting in with your other half, or by yourself, you’ll need something to do. We advise watching a film! There’s nothing better to take your mind off Valentine’s Day (or a great way to make your girlfriend/boyfriend cuddle into you).


If you think I’m going to sit here and list the most romantic films that you should watch on February 14th…then you’re sorely mistaken. I do like a good romance film but when it comes to Valentine’s Day I almost become anti-romance! So here we go…my recommended films to watch this Valentine’s Day whether you’re on your own or with someone else.

1. The Dark Knight

Dark KnightDark Knight 2What could be better than the best Batman film…ever! Heath Ledgers ‘Joker’ is undoubtedly the best villain in the trilogy and the way he messes around with Batman is just brilliant! If you’re watching it with someone, have a ‘quote off’ and see who can quote the most lines from the film. If you’re alone? Stil have a ‘quote off’ and see how many line you can remember from the film as you eat your tub of ice cream :)

2. Robocop


Why? Because it’s a film you watched when you were a kid and completely loved it. Best to watch this one on your own unless you have a significant other who is just as dorky as you and loves reminiscing about films from childhood!

3. The Saw Series

The first in the Saw series

The first in the Saw series

Fancy a late one? The entire Saw series is a guaranteed gore-fest! What is more anti-Valentine than the Saw films? If you’re on your own we challenge you to sit and watch all of the films one after the other…even though the newer releases are a bit crappy. If you’re with your other half then we challenge you to see how long you can make it with either of you jumping in fear or groaning in disgust!

There you have it, three films that we recommend that you watch on Valentine’s Day. We don’t want you to watch any romance what so ever. Romance may be the reason for the season but you don’t have to sicken yourself with rom-coms! (this coming from a woman who loves rom-coms lol!)


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