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City Of Bones - Animation

City Of Bones

Hallowe’en here in Derry is a massive event every year and so when we were approached by the Derry City Council to develop the above promotional animation we were delighted. The theme of this year’s celebration would be based on the idea of a “City of Bones”, and with our very own coat of arms having a Skeleton on them (Walter), the rest wrote itself! Check out the video above and if you like it or feel your organisation could benefit from something similar then please feel free to get in touch via the contact us page.

DCC Christmas in Derry 2014 - Animation

DCC Christmas in Derry 2014

A short promotional video detailing some of the festive events happening in Derry-Londonderry from Nov to Dec 2014. Video produced by Uproar Comics on behalf of Derry/Londonderry City Council.

Conundrum - Theatrical Trailer


Conundrum – A steam pulp fantasy where Gods and Science collide. Watch as one man rises to become a God whilst another believes he can bring him down with one simple question..but what is that question? Check out our free 8 page online preview here, or head on over to the Uproar Store and pick up your copy now!

Gifted - Theatrical Trailer


Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is the birthplace of some of the greatest mythologies, mysterious magic’s and sensational stories known throughout the world. A wealth of gods and heroes juxtaposed against evil incarnate – with such immense powers and abilities that leave modern comic book heroes in the dust. What has become of such stories? You’re about to find out!

Leap - Theatrical Trailer


A Space faring Neo-Science Fiction Epic that explores the light of the human experience within the vast unending darkness of the universe. CHECK OUT THE FREE 18 PAGE PREVIEW HERE!

“The Vanguard” – The most state-of-the-art Interstellar vessel ever created,  roars through the vast darkness of space. It’s crew of 24, held in a suspended dream-like stasis for decades in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Eighty years earlier, a united Earth worked together in the face of human extinction towards a common goal – to send a team of humanities best beyond observable space, dubbed Project LEAP. Their goal is to map the stars so that the human race can some day follow them and find new resources, new life and if needs be… a new home!

Not Dead Yet App Trailer

Not Dead Yet

The first interactive motion comic launched from Uproar Comics – “Not Dead Yet”. This post apocalytic Zombie installment brings together 2d and 3d animation, audio, unlockable content and more to deliver a better user experience for digital comics.

Version 1.0 features:

  • The first 30 page installment of the animated interactive motion comic “Not Dead Yet”by Uproar Comics.
  • Find and collect 8 additional side stories hidden throughout the pages of “Not Dead Yet”, a total 63 pages of extra content!
  • Unlock 5 complete character biographies including individual back stories as the characters are introduced.
  • In App access to some amazing music from the Not Dead Yet universe, featuring Droids and Triggermen.
  • and more to come with each update!!

Cohen - Theatrical Trailer