Magneto and Pro X

Don’t judge us for our strange minds!

Here at Uproar Comics we really do have warped minds. On a daily basis we like to discuss potential Dark or twisted origin stories to our favorite superheroes and villains. We’ve all heard recently the apparent origin story for Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman will be something along the lines of he’s been a self-made billionaire from the age of 18 and used to run with a gang on the streets. From this we’ve came up with so many new dark/twisted/funny origins we thought we’d share some with you all…you know, just so you can see how weird we actually are!

Jonathan and Martha Kent – revised


Martha was a detective and on an undercover job to a local crack den she meets Jonathan Kent, aka. Big J, a male hooker. He manages to woo her and Martha decides she wants to remove him from his current wretched life. She quits the force and they move out into the back-end of nowhere. They never wanted children but ended up being stuck with an alien baby with superpowers. It nearly wrecked their marriage.

Magneto and Professor X – revised

Magneto and Pro X

During college Charles and Eric meet and become friends. At a Frat Party Eric is dared to swallow a large magnet and this is how he gains his powers. At the same party Charles has a bit too much to drink and sets his hair on fire!

Flash – revised


Barry is getting ready to go on a trip to the Amazon and before he leaves he goes to see his Uncle. Upon entering his Uncle’s house he realizes his Uncle is nowhere to be seen and on the kitchen table sits a pair of vibrant red trainers. A note sits beside them and it’s from his uncle telling him to wear them with pride and his some serious butt!

Iron Man – revised

iron man

Iron man is actually 5 tiny Power Rangers controlling a man sized, metal suit. Enough said.


Batman – revised


Bruce Wayne orders the assassination of his own parents when he discovers they didn’t take him along with them to the theater. He was a very jealous child and didn’t like when his parents did things without him. Alfred lives in constant fear of him.

Yeah…that’s what we talk about around the office. We work and discuss strange warped origin stories at the same time lol!


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