What Would Superman, Iron Man or Captain America Do If They Won The Lottery?


What Would Superman, Iron Man

and Captain America Do If They Won The Lottery?

Superman, Iron Man and Captain America- all superheroes but with very distinct characteristics. So in what way do these three comic-book heroes differ? The best way to tell is to answer the question – What would each of them do if they hit a lottery jackpot?

There’s a couple of things you could do with your money if you won the lotto – spend, save or donate (or, best of all, a combination of the three). All types of people win lottery jackpots by buying lottery tickets online at theLotter, or at local lottery kiosks, and they land up doing different things with their winnings.

So what would our superheroes do?

Superman or Clark Kent is a down-to-earth farm boy from Smallville with alien supernatural powers. If he had to win the lottery, he wouldn’t splurge on himself and squander his millions. He’d help his mom out, donate to charity and invest the rest wisely.

Iron Man or Tony Stark, is a playboy billionaire so he’s used to having loads of money to throw around. Iron Man isn’t likely to save since he has enough in the bank already, so he’d probably spend the money on his two favourite pastimes – building weaponry and wooing women. Iron Man would build another suit of armor and take Pepper Potts on a trip around the world.

Captain America or Steve Rogers found himself in the 21st Century after being frozen for decades. He’s an ordinary, patriotic guy (with extraordinary strength) who wants to help, serve and protect, so this superhero would probably donate most, if not all, of his millions to charities and community organizations.

If you had to hit a huge lottery jackpot, who would you be? Superman, Iron Man or Captain America? Or maybe even a good balance of the three?

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