The last time we visited Altnagelvin Hospital, in Zombies Hi issue 6, cycloptic sawbones Doc had killed his first Zombie but inadvertently attracted many more to the corridor where he, Johnny, Steph and a freshly bitten Steve were stranded.  Meanwhile, a few floors above, Zombie extermination enthusiast Vaughn and fireman Del’s hunt for supplies happened them upon a far more disturbing discovery.

In issue 8, coming soon, we will be revisiting Altnagelvin and finding out how things develop but for now, while we put the finishing touches on the latest instalment here at Uproar HQ, we thought we’d treat you to sneaky peek at some artwork for the issue and give you a look at the process from pencils to colour.


Just what is going on with that chopper?

It’s been a while since an issue of Zombies Hi has seen inks, or readers have been treated to a nice double-page spread so, as the story grows in scale and reviews keep getting better, we decided it was time to step things up a notch.  With issue 7 being very dark and introspective after the Zombie-bashing fun of issue 6, Danny was determined to mark our return to Altnagelvin with that same sense of action, but set the scale and scope higher than before (It’s the McLaughlin way, folks!)


“LOADS”, all in caps. The man means business…

We already heard from Kev towards the end of issue 6 that there were “hundreds” of Zombies making their way to the hospital, but now it’s time to see it for ourselves.

Initial thumbs for pages 2-3


Finished pencils for pages 2-3: the undead set upon Altnagelvin!

Needless to say, this spread took a while to draw, after which was the fun process of digitally inking (click here to read about how much I love digital inking), which might have been just as time consuming.


No brushes were harmed in the inking of this page.

Personally, I prefer to see a comic page inked; the varying line weights give a great sense of depth (especially in large panels and spreads like this), plus they’re so much cleaner.

After I finish inking a page in photoshop, I save a copy in Dropbox where it can be accessed by our R&D Department (Roo and Dannii, the talented colourists who brought issue 7 to life and are currently hard at work on issue 8) who set about putting some colour in the cheeks of the undead.


Fresh from R&D

From here, Danny will add the lettering, which is essentially the last step before we prepare issue 8 for print.  We will keep you posted on exactly when that will be.  In the meantime, stay tuned for another treat coming soon that will really get the ball rolling for the release of Zombies Hi Part 8: “Dead On Arrival”.


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