Why comics are good for Business

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Comics are great for everything

so get on them!

Previous I have written about ‘Why comics are good for History’. The great reception for that blog staggered me and I want to thank everyone who has read it so far. History is a big passion of mine and being able to put this passion into comic form is a real pleasure.

Comics aren’t just good for History, comics are great for absolutely everything. In particular we’ve found that comics are great for business. They provide an new, creative method of marketing, they are a great way of portraying the history of a business (I have to get History into everything!) and with our expertise in graphic design and app making, we as a comic company can add our own unique stamp to a business product.

The reason I’m talking about Business is because today we are attending the NI Creative Marketplace in the Millennium Forum here in the city. What is the NI Creative Marketplace I hear you ask?

As part of the NI Creative Marketplace Programme, funded by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL), we’re looking for Northern Ireland-based creative industries suppliers interested in competing for nearly £300,000 worth of contracts. Between January and February 2014, the Creative Marketplace programme will allocate Creative Marketplace vouchers to individuals and organisations from outside the creative industries – with the majority receiving a voucher worth £3000. These vouchers will be spent with a panel of creative industries suppliers to help the recipients develop their businesses through creative services – whether that be graphic design, animation, filmmaking or any other service. Creative industries suppliers interested in joining the panel can submit their application for an invitation online between January 14th and January 31st, 2014. Around 65 suppliers will then be invited to attend the Creative Marketplace event on February 24th in Derry-Londonderry with the aim of having all the vouchers spent in just one day.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it. Here is a video that will explain it just a bit more.

As a service provider we’re basically going to the NI Creative Marketplace and offering our services to these businesses who have secured themselves a cool £3000. So why a comic?

Comics add another level to a businesses marketing strategy. Most businesses have a target audience that they aim for but we want to help them to aim further. Text heavy leaflets have proven to not be the greatest thing you can hand out these days. People tend to look and see how much there is to read on a leaflet and if there is too much text more time than enough that puts them off reading said leaflet. Now take a comic. Visuals, as well as dialogue, intrigues the reader to read more.

We did a project not that long ago with City Cabs here in the city. I know what you’re thinking, what use would a taxi firm have with comics? Well we interviewed a bunch of the taxi drivers that work for the firm and found that they had a wealth of amazing stories that just needed to be told. By turning these stories into comics, City Cabs were able to use the comics as a marketing tool.

Another way that our comics have been used in a business setting has been for conferences. The EBN Congress for Business and Innovation came to Derry in 2013. The conference boasted a wealth of excellent events, keynote speakers and so much more. To help promote this event in a new and uniquely different way, we used our comics brains and came up with a comic that would be used throughout the duration of the conference.


Tower Museum Comics – UBoats

October 13, 2014

Colmcille Text

Tower Museum Comics – The Shirt Factory

October 13, 2014

Emigration Comic Complete

Tower Museum Comics – Emigration

October 13, 2014

So when it comes to the business world and the world of comics, we are breeching a divide that I’m pretty sure people didn’t know was there. Just because you are a business doesn’t mean you can’t be creative once in a while. Whether you choose to create a comic, or even develop a small film or app for you business, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re being creative and thinking outside of the business box. Outside the business box is a world of colour and possibility and nothing is impossible.

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