Women in Comics

By August 23, 2013 Comics

Hello friends I am here to tell you about why I’m annoyed 99% of the time by women in comics.

Okay, so yeah, I love comics because superheroes are really cool and the art makes me happy because whoa people draw that stuff way to go. Your hands are blessed by god (I only think that because I have the artistic skills of a duck). But, what I really don’t like at all about comics is how about 99% of the woman in them are sexualised when there is no need. I know about 50% of the people reading this will think there’s no problem with the women in comics and just, whoa slow down there friend, let me explain you a thing.

Let’s take a look at Wonder Woman, she’s bad ass, right?

wonder woman 1


Let’s ignore the pose for now, we’re going to talk about the outfit.

It is… Completely impractical. She could not fly in that without having a serious boob incident. The top would come down completely and yeah, no, that’s probably not the way you’d want to distract your enemies. Also, in some pictures I’ve seen, her boots have heels on them? Um, okay, yeah, that’s totally practical. Personally, I’d love to have to run around saving people in heels all the time. Oops, no. I lied. I wouldn’t, it would hurt.

Someone who would fight people a lot would not show that much skin, just in case.

Now let’s talk about the pose and every pose every female superhero is in. It’s all ass and boobs with small waists and barely any visible muscle.


she hulk


Hello, yes, I am literally the same thing as The Hulk but I have to be hot and pouty because I am a woman.

I talked about She-Hulk when I was writing about the second issue of Deadpool. Basically because She-Hulk would be the last woman I thought would be sexualised. I mean, she is The Hulk. I haven’t read any She-Hulk but I know why she’s like that and stuff from reading about her but, you’d think that turning into a big, green rage monster would make someone a little less attractive. Seriously, Bruce Banner is such a cute little dork and when he Hulks out he just… Let’s say, I look better than the hulk on a bad day when I haven’t showered in about a week and haven’t changed out of my pajamas. That’s how much Bruce changers. She-Hulk looks better than me on a good day. I put a lot of effort in on a good day and all she has to do is get angry. If I looked that good if I was angry, I wouldn’t be single because I’m angry all the time.

Okay, I might’ve got a little off topic with the poses but I really do have something special for this. Something that is very near and dear to me that I never want to forget. It will always have a special place in my heart. The Hawkeye Initiative.

Basically, people were annoyed with the exact same thing I’m ranting about right now and decided, “Let’s show people how bad it is by drawing a male superhero in some of the poses women are in” and, for some reason, they chose Hawkeye for this. And I love it, not Going to lie. Let’s look at some of my favourite….



That’s one of the bests, I think.

Thor pls


I think we need just one more of these.

clint ur face


Clint doesn’t look very happy here, does he? whOA I WONDER WHY?

Anyway, I hope that made some of the male readers here very uncomfortable and hopefully make some of them laugh at how ridiculous this is.

I think I got my point across here that people just need to stop. Wonder Woman needs to get some straps on that suit so she doesn’t flash anyone and female comic readers get just as annoyed as you are right now because of those Hawkeye pictures.

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