Workoids the 3rd

By November 11, 2013 Comics, Uproar Comics, Web Comics, Workoids
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Uproar Comics Webcomic

Workoids the 3rd has arrived to brighten up your Monday morning! Initially Workoids was supposed to be a one-off little webcomic but we loved it so much that we decided that we would keep it on and create more. So many funny things happen around Uproar HQ that we want to show you all through our little Workoids. Today’s installment was inspired by Danny who has a certain fondness for anything pun related. Last week in particular was a very pun filled week and he had the whole of HQ laughing (and groaning) at his hilarious puns.

Simply click on the image to enlarge it (there’s a Danny pun in there somewhere…) 😀

Workoids the 3rd

Workoids the 3rd

We hope this little webcomic has brightened up your Monday morning and let us know what you think of our Workoids in the comment section below! 😉

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